Dr. Fred Bentley

The Bentley Lecture in Sustainable Agriculture

This lecture series is named in honor of Dr. Fred Bentley. Each year the University of Alberta invites a speaker of international renown to present current research and updates in areas relating to soil science, agricultural production methods, and sustainable agriculture. Current students and faculty members as well as members of the public benefit from these presentations. 

Dr. Bentley's academic career, mainly at the University of Alberta, spanned over 36 years and included Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture from 1958 to 1968. Focusing on soil fertility and nutrient quality, Dr. Bentley conducted his research on Gray Luvisolic soils at the University of Alberta's Breton Plots located near Breton, Alberta.

The Breton Plots: An Alberta Registered Historic Resource
A Research Site for Several Medium and Long-Term Field Experiments
Celebrating Over 90 Years of Research and Outreach on the Classical Plots (1929-present)

Dr. Bentley and Flesher 1960
Dr. Bentley in the field 1985