Graduate Student Theses

(Solely or partly based on work on Breton Classical Plots and other long-term experiments)

Doctor of Philosophy

Year Student name and thesis title Supervisor
1991 Rutherford, P. M. 1991. Dynamics of microbial biomass, soil fauna and nitrogen in contrasting soils. N. G. Juma
1989 Burton, D.L. 1989. Control on amino acid metabolism in soil and direct assimilation by plants. W. B. McGill
1987 Monreal, C.M. 1987. Kinetics of single organic molecules in soil solutions. W. B. McGill
1978 Malhi, S.S. 1978. Losses of mineral nitrogen over the winter in Chernozemic and Luvisolic soils. M. Nyborg

 Master of Science

Year Student name and thesis title Supervisor
2001 Chakraborty, S. 2001. Impact of phosphorus on soil organic matter dynamics in the long-term Classical Plots at Breton, Alberta. N. G. Juma
2001 Zhu, B. 2001. Soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus dynamics in toposequences adjacent to the Breton Plots, Alberta. N. G. Juma
2000 Puurveen, H. J. 2000. Measurement and simulation of water erosion. R. C. Izaurralde
1997 Carcamo, A.Carbon cycling in two long-term cropping systems in a Gray Luvisol at Breton, Alberta. N. G. Juma
1995 Haderlein, L. 1995. Soil water dynamics under conventional and alternative cropping systems at two sites in central Alberta. R. C. Izaurralde
1993 Laidlaw, J.W. 1993. Denitrification and nitrous oxide emissions in thawing soil. M. Nyborg
1988 Gu, J. 1988. Carbon and nitrogen assimilation, dinitrogen fixation in fababean (Vicia faba L.) and microbial biomass in soil plant systems (fababean, canola, barley, summer fallow) on a Gray Luvisol. W. B. McGill
1987 Dinwoodie, G.D. 1987. Allocation and dynamics of Carbon in two soils cropped to barley. M.Sc. N. G. Juma
1983 Setsoafia, K.M. 1983. Comparison of nitrogen and sulphur mineralization in soils. M. Nyborg
1983 Bergstrom, D.W. 1983. An investigation of controls on soil phosphatase activity under laboratory and field conditions. W. B. McGill
1983 Miller, J. C. 1983. Layer model of chromatographic solute transport through partially frozen structured soil. W. B. McGill
1979 Gwyer, B. D. 1979. Uptake of phosphorus from lower depths of selected Alberta soils. J. A. Robertson
1973 Ratanalert, P. 1973. Sulfur studies with some Chernozemic soils. C. F. Bentley
1973 McCoy, D.A. 1973. Some effects of long-term fertilizer application on the Breton Plots. G. R. Webster
1958 Carson, J.A. 1958. The composition, yield and nutritional value of wheat from the Breton plots. C. F. Bentley
1956 Paul, E.A. 1956. Studies of aerobic non-symbiotic nitrogen-fixing bacteria and their biochemical activities. J. D. Newton
1955 Gareau, L. 1955. Some effects of commercial fertilizers on yield and quality of forage crops in Alberta. C. F. Bentley
1953 Ivarson, K.C. 1953. Studies on non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation in some Alberta soils. J. D. Newton
1953 Hoff, D.J. 1953. Fertility studies with radioactive and non-radioactive sulfur on some gray wooded soils of Alberta. C. F. Bentley
1952 Hortie, H.J. 1952. A comparative study of certain physical and mineralogical features of gray wooded soils. J. A. Toogood
1950 Cormack, D.V. 1950. The use of radioactivity sulphur in a study of fertilizer uptake. C. F. Bentley
1948 Kasting, R. 1948. The sulphur-containing amino acids of wheat proteins. A. G. McCalla
1947 Kenwood, J.W. 1947. Crop composition and yield as affected by fertilizers on Breton gray-wooded soils. F. A. Wyatt/
J. D. Newton
1946 Dean, A.M. 1946. Variations in the sulphur content of some western Canadian prairie province soils. J. D. Newton
1944 Rigby, F.L. 1944. The effects of sulphur on the quality of wheat. J. D. Newton
1942 Peters, T.W. 1942. The effects of fertilizers on the sulphur content of soil and crop plants. F. A. Wyatt/
J. D. Newton
1941 Brown, A.L. 1941. The chemical composition of western prairie soils as affected by cultivation and cropping. J. D. Newton
1938 Caldwell, A.C. 1938. Effects of cultivation and cropping on the chemical composition of some western Canadian prairie soils. J. D. Newton
1934 Odynski, W. 1934. Solubility and distribution of phosphorus in Alberta soils. F. A. Wyatt
1933 McAllister, R.E.A. 1933. The effect of fertilizers on plant composition. F. A. Wyatt
1932 Kohnke, H. 1932. Testing the fertility of Alberta soils by the Neubauer and Lemmermann methods. F. A. Wyatt
1932 Bowser, W.E. 1932. Decomposition and movement of herbicides in soils, and effects on soil microbiological activity and subsequent crop growth. J. D. Newton
1931 Holowaychuk, N. 1931. Replaceable bases, hydrogen and base-holding capacity of Alberta soils.